Sculpture 2020


220 x 150 x 130 cm


Allegory of the Cave. In his Republic, Plato uses a well-known Allegory of the Cave. It narrates about people imprisoned in the cave who have never experienced or seen life outside the cave. External shadows and echoes they perceive as the only acceptable truth and reality. When one of the prisoners is freed, he not dares to leave the cave. Only habitual things look acceptable and safe to him. Despite his resistance and against his will he is brought to the daylight. Outside blinded by clear light he gradually becomes acquainted with real objects that were percepted only by their reflections and shadows in the dark and their significance.

Piece or object:

Direct bronze casting of real stub, felled and rooted out. In this case, uprooting of the tree is strong and brutal action which is important both in the sense of symbol and physical action metaphorically expressing both rising to the light and immersion to the darkness. This action definitely binds object and Plato’s story. Roots should be precepted as mediator between two inseparable poles connecting light and darkness. The story by Plato tells about problem of acceptance of truth and indifference, and this problem nowadays remains essential. Ancientry of the story emphasizes relevance of the problem and stimulates perception of the existence of human being. This piece also analyzes human’s demand to remain in the position of strength towards nature, relationships and beliefs.